We at Struktur Design have broad competence and rich experience in complex commissions within industrial design. For 20 years we have, together with clients from across the nation, been enabling design that works.

Our clients represent many different fields, from engineering industries and health technology to consumer products. Our missions are about improving already existing products or generating entirely new ones. Regardless of the challenge, our passion and dedication is unquestionable.

Helping our clients to better business and at the same time making everyday life better for the end-consumer are our key drivers. With a strategic mindset, a creative outlook on design and a great know-how in materials and tech, we have the best possible prerequisites for that.


Red Dot Awards, 2014 - Avaya B189 IP
Red Dot Awards, 2014 - Jofa 715 LS
Red Dot Awards, 2016 - Konftel Ego
Good Design Awards, 2018 - Konftel Ego
Red Dot Awards, 2019 - Konftel 800