We deliver design that works

Our services


Industrial design

We have a broad competence and rich experience in complex commissions within industrial design. By working with the design process we help our customers from first idea to finished product.

Design manuals

By creating a brand manual we can help our customers to create a stronger brand with an unified product catalogue where every products express the company values.


We help both established customers and start ups to communicate their ideas to investors and end users. We can create everything from simple hand drawings to advanced 3D renders.


Our customers

Helping our clients to better business and at the same time making everyday life better for the end-consumer are our key drivers. With a strategic mindset, a creative outlook on design and a great know-how in materials and tech, we have the best possible prerequisites for that.


“Our goal is not just to fulfill our customers expectation but to surpass them”

— Johan Gustafsson, VD


Our studio

In our studio in central Umeå we are constantly developing new ideas. Eighter it about improving already existing products or generating entirely new ones. Regardless of the challenge, our passion and dedication is unquestionable.